Go cashless with Presto Money

Presto Money is a payment solution using state-of-the-art FACIAL RECOGNITION technology & QR codes to authorise transactions, eliminating the need for using a debit card and PIN.

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We replace traditional cards, wallets and phones with a payment experience that is almost friction less.


We significantly reduce transaction cost & terminal signup time from 14 days to 10 min.


We have developed a secure payment environment by combining face recognition and mobile verification.

Better than High Street
Business Account

Our business Current account is available to any type or size of business or not-for-profit organisation. It is an excellent and easy way to manage the finances of your business.

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Open a business current account in munites...
And take advantage of these great features

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Complete EPOS solution

With our ePOS you can make sales, keep your money safe, optimise stock, and make data-driven decisions to grow profitably.

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Accountancy Services

Our small business accounting feature is simple and smart. Log in online anytime, on any device and see up-to-date financials.

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Our online marketplace let you rent or sell goods, spaces or services online.

Pay Your Friends
By Taking Their Picture

Our Ethical Personal Current account lets you track your spending and helps you save. It is complete with sort code and account number.

Presto Money automatically applies student discount
and eReceipts can be accessed through Presto Money app.

Peer to Peer Payment

Forget asking for your friend’s sort code and account number, quickly and easily pay your friends by using our facial recognition technology.

e-receipt for every purchase

No more hassle of save paper receipts for warranty as we'll save e-receipt for every purchase you make by Presto Money

Our Features

Get a personalised dashboard

Dashboard gives you a complete picture of your money. It tells you about your transactions in real-time so you can adjust your spending accordingly and plan for the future.

Understand your spending habits

See where you spend and how you spend by size, category and location. It’s even all explained visually to make things simpler!

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Stay on track with smart budgeting

Stay in control of your spending with budgeting that adapts to you. Seeing the categories of your spending can alert you to areas where you might be overspending and need to reign it in.

Investments that suit you

The very same app allows you to invest. We offer a variety of portfolios catered towards different levels of risk and with your priorities and perspective on the world in mind.

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Presto Money

Presto Money’s mission is to provide ethical financial services to millions of people living in the UK and go beyond our boarder to offer unique products to the unbanked billions. Our principal theme is to provide “interest-free” banking to enable individuals and organisations to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment.

Presto Money will make a significant and lasting difference to customers throughout the UK, helping them to save for their families’ futures or expand their businesses without compromising their beliefs.

In developing countries 7 out of 10 adults still do not have access to a bank account despite rapid growth and enormous potential. We aim to fill that void and provide an excellent and revolutionary service.

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