Connecting businesses to end-users

Presto is optimising shopping experience by introducing a cashless ecosystem, which comprises a localised unified marketplace and payment solution.

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That’s not all. Discover even more possibilities.

A one-stop shop to find local retailers & service providers and receive goods the same day, Amazon of local products and services.

24/7 Ordering Service

Merchants benefit from 24/7 ordering service and increase sales revenue.

Virtual Payment Terminals

Merchants can convert their smartphone into smart POS to accept payments

Improve Cash Flow

Improve cash flow by immediately have access to funds.

Productivity Tools

Allow flexibility to process orders during quiet business hours and efficiently deliver products and services.

Provide even better customer experience

  • Unified Marketplace

    A single app that will let you find a local business, buy products, book services and pay on the move.

  • Frictionless Payment

    Reduce payment friction and significantly enhance the user experience by allowing users to pay via NFC, QR code and FaceID (Coming Soon).

  • Electronic Receipts & Dashboard

    Receive an electronic receipt for each transaction you make through our system.

Allow gig workers to collect payments from customers

No card machine & no contract

Collect payments from customers using QR or NFC enabled smartphone. Ideal payment solution for tradesmen, beautician, taxi drivers, etc.

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Buy local products with same day delivery

Secure way to shop and pay

A feature-packed app, making it seamless for customers to access on-demand service. Receive an electronic receipt for each transaction and understand your buying habits. Customer card is securely tokenised so that no hacker can get card details.


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